Expert Ownership Guidance

Working closely with mineral owners, BJK Inc. provide essential services such as mineral appraisals for estate planning or potential sales, and offer guidance in negotiations for oil and gas leases or easements. Our goal is to help mineral owners realize the full potential and value of their assets while ensuring ethical, transparent, and environmentally considerate practices. We serve as a bridge to foster infrastructure development that supports energy progress and individual prosperity.

Project Progress

At this foundational stage, BJK Inc. diligently lays the groundwork for success, initiating a detailed examination of the property to establish clear ownership and assess the underlying mineral wealth.

Client Obligations:

The mineral owner is required to provide all relevant property documents and grant access for any necessary inspections or surveys. Cooperation during this phase is crucial to creating a comprehensive profile of the land and its potential.

BJK Obligations:

BJK Inc. commits to a thorough investigation of historical property records, utilizing advanced research tools and methodologies to map out precise boundaries and title verifications, ensuring a solid base for future operations.

Transitioning from research to agreement, this stage focuses on formalizing the partnership between the landowner and BJK Inc., ensuring all parties are aligned with the project’s direction and benefits.

Client Obligations:

The mineral owner is expected to review and understand the terms of the contract, seek independent legal advice if necessary, and engage in negotiations to reach an agreement that is fair and beneficial.

BJK Obligations:

BJK Inc. will provide a transparent and equitable contract proposal, clearly outlining the terms of engagement, rights, and responsibilities, with a commitment to upholding the landowner’s best interests.

This critical phase safeguards the financial integrity of the project, with BJK Inc. ensuring all monetary transactions and contract terms are validated and secured by reputable financial institutions.

Client Obligations:

The mineral owner must confirm their financial details and work with their bank to facilitate any required verification processes, contributing to a smooth and trustworthy financial transaction.

BJK Obligations:

BJK Inc. is responsible for the precise coordination with banking entities to confirm the contract’s financial components, guaranteeing secure and timely monetary exchanges that reflect the contract’s stipulations.

With contractual obligations set and verified, BJK Inc. enters the operational stage, where the strategic plan is put into action, ensuring the responsible utilization of land and mineral resources.

Client Obligations:

The mineral owner’s role is to allow for the commencement of operations, maintaining open communication with BJK Inc. to monitor progress and adherence to operational guidelines and safety standards.

BJK Obligations:

BJK Inc. oversees the on-the-ground activities, managing all operational aspects with a focus on efficiency, safety, and minimal environmental impact, upholding our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

As projects reach completion, this final stage is dedicated to honoring all commitments, with BJK Inc. meticulously evaluating every aspect to ensure fulfillment of the contract and proper stewardship of the land.

Client Obligations:

The mineral owner is expected to participate in the final review process, providing feedback and confirming that all terms of the contract have been met to their satisfaction.

BJK Obligations:

BJK Inc. ensures a comprehensive close-out of the project, with an emphasis on environmental restoration, final financial settlements, and a conclusive review to certify that all contractual and regulatory obligations have been fulfilled.

Meet our Team

For more than four decades, B. J. Kadrmas, Inc. has prided itself on producing top-rate work at a fair price. Our highly skilled and tenured staff understands the necessity of confidentiality and ethics; we refrain from conflicts of interest among our clients’ prospect areas, and we strictly adhere to a code of professional conduct.



What services does BJK Inc. provide for individual mineral owners?

BJK Inc. offers a range of services for individual mineral owners, including mineral appraisals, which are crucial for estate planning and potential sales. We also provide detailed title research and reports to trace mineral rights ownership through courthouse records, ensuring clarity in transactions and ownership history.

How can you verify that mineral owners are being paid correctly by oil and gas companies?

At BJK Inc., we can review the details on the mineral owner’s check stub to determine if they are being paid correctly. We will need a copy of the mineral owner’s oil and gas lease, the legal description where the mineral owner’s minerals are located, and the net acres the mineral owner owns. In the event we find that the mineral owner is being paid incorrectly, we can contact the operator on behalf of the mineral owner to begin the process of correcting any errors.

How can you determine who owns the mineral rights on your property and how much you own?

To determine who owns the minerals and the amount of net mineral acres owned, a Title examination must be completed. The ownership records are located in the Recorder’s Office within the County Courthouse. Our process at BJK Inc. includes starting our examination of the records at patent, examining every document related to the tract or tracts of interest, including records in the Tax Assessor’s Office and the Clerk of Courts Office if necessary. By following the chain of title, we can ascertain the ownership of the mineral estate. Our team is knowledgeable in title research and takes into account title standards and their effect on ownership.

What is the process for a mineral appraisal conducted by BJK Inc.?

For a mineral appraisal, we first gather necessary information from the client, including details about the minerals they own. We then provide a cost estimate and require a 50% down payment to start the appraisal. Our experts conduct thorough research and analysis to determine the value of the minerals, culminating in a detailed Mineral Appraisal report for the client.

How can BJK Inc. assist me in understanding my mineral rights and their value?

Our team at BJK Inc. specializes in understanding mineral rights, especially in the U.S. where surface and mineral estates can be separate. We can help mineral owners decipher their ownership and the value of their mineral assets through our mineral appraisal services, providing essential valuation for various purposes.

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"BJK, Inc. is crucial to our management of mineral interests.  No matter how knowledgeable and experienced our staff is, BJK, Inc.’s specialized expertise, their industry contacts, and their knowledge of what is happening in the market at all times, enables us to provide proper management of these assets no matter how complex the situation may be.  From consulting on leasing and division orders, to valuations, to determining ownership, they understand what our fiduciary responsibilities are and have always been able to provide us what we needed, when we needed it."

Val Mack, CTFA, Sr. Trust Officer Dakota Community Wealth Management

“I’ve worked closely with BJK, Inc.’s Right-of-Way and Title Agents for over a decade.  I have always found them to be dedicated, engaged and capable of tackling the task at hand.”

Guy Aman, Construction Superintendent Continental Resources, Inc.

“The team at BJ Kadrmas are professional and easy to work with. The quality of work they produce, timely responsiveness and expertise in Montana and North Dakota, helps me as a landman guide my team on projects. They are my go-to land team for my projects in the North.”

Amanda Barringer, Landman Scout Energy Partners

“When working with Matthew and his team at BJK, Inc., their level of professionalism and precise attention to detail is second to none!”

Scott Meschke, President Dickinson Kirkwood Bank & Trust

“Working with B.J. Kadrmas, Inc. has been a consistently positive experience for Topographic. Their commitment to clear communication and meticulous attention to detail sets them apart. We appreciate their professionalism and dedication, making every collaboration seamless and successful.”

Scott Roach, Project Manager II Topographic

“BJK, Inc. is exactly what a land services company should be. Prompt, professional, and accurate. As a lawyer, BJK, Inc. provides excellent results for my clients, which my clients appreciate and makes my work all the easier. If you work with them once, you’ll want to do so again and again”.

Jennifer Grosz, Lawyer Cooperative Legal Services PLLC

“For more than ten years, B.J. Kadrmas, Inc. has provided professional services that have been invaluable in maintaining our family’s mineral interests. During that time, B.J. Kadrmas, Inc. prepared abstracts of title when it was required; represented our interests when curative work was needed to clarify the ownership of mineral acres; handled leasing issues that arose; handled the recording of conveyances during probate and trust work; handled the interactions with operators to ensure that the interests were accurate and the royalties were properly computed; conducted appraisals; and provided other services related to the mineral interests. B.J. Kadrmas, Inc.’s work was exceptional, and its staff was experienced, knowledgeable, professional, and ethical. Retaining B.J. Kadrmas, Inc. for this work was the best decision we made to represent our interests and handle the numerous issues associated with mineral ownership.”

Mark, Mineral Owner North Dakota

“B.J. Kadrmas has done an exceptional job on difficult leasing projects to bring leases to signatures.  They have detailed staff that can handle the difficult projects and deliver results.”

Waldo Ackerman, President & CEO Murex Petroleum Corporation