Tailored Solutions

B.J. Kadrmas Inc. delivers a robust array of services for businesses in the energy sector, bridging project management with expert land service consultancy. Our team handles the intricacies of mineral rights and title research to full project realization, offering bespoke solutions for oil and gas to renewables. We employ cutting-edge mapping and planning tools to streamline development processes, ensuring ethical, efficient, and transparent execution of drilling, pipeline, and renewable energy projects. Our commitment to due diligence and clear terms negotiation underscores our dedication to the sustainable success of our clients’ investments.

Project Progress

The initial stage sets the trajectory for a prosperous partnership, aligning B.J. Kadrmas Inc. with the business’s vision and requirements. It involves strategic consultations to establish a shared understanding of the project’s direction and desired results.

Business Obligations:

The business must articulate clear objectives, provide project parameters, and collaborate on defining success metrics. They should also commit to transparent communication and provide necessary information and resources.

BJK Obligations:

B.J. Kadrmas Inc. is responsible for comprehending the business’s goals and crafting a preliminary strategy that aligns with those objectives. We will establish project guidelines and confirm our commitment to the partnership’s success.

At this stage, B.J. Kadrmas Inc. delves deep into due diligence, assessing the project’s feasibility through comprehensive research and analysis, from environmental impact to mineral rights and market conditions.

Business Obligations:

The business is expected to facilitate access to essential data and participate in the validation of research findings. This involvement is crucial for ensuring that the analysis reflects the true nature of the project.

BJK Obligations:

Our duty is to conduct thorough and methodical research, leveraging our expertise to provide the business with accurate, data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

This pivotal phase focuses on securing favorable terms for the business while upholding legal standards. Our experience in contract negotiations is pivotal to setting the groundwork for the business’s operational future.

Business Obligations:

The business should actively engage in the negotiation process, defining acceptable terms and limits while ensuring readiness to proceed with acquisitions once agreements are in place.

BJK Obligations:

We are tasked with negotiating the best possible contracts, advising on industry standards, and ensuring that all agreements are structured to support the business’s strategic objectives.

With agreements established, we transition into overseeing the project’s operational facets, demonstrating our project management acumen by ensuring seamless coordination across the board.

Business Obligations:

The business must maintain ongoing involvement, providing oversight, and resources as necessary to support operations and address any unforeseen challenges.

BJK Obligations:

Our role is to manage daily operations with precision, addressing issues promptly, and steering the project towards its benchmarks. We facilitate communication between stakeholders and ensure adherence to the project plan.

Compliance is not negotiable; hence, we commit to upholding all legal and regulatory standards. Transparent reporting keeps all parties informed and ensures accountability.

Business Obligations:

The business is responsible for understanding compliance requirements and cooperating in the implementation of necessary protocols.

BJK Obligations:

We monitor compliance continuously, conduct regular audits, and provide comprehensive reports to stakeholders, guaranteeing that the project’s integrity remains intact.

In this final stage, we critically assess the project’s outcomes against the initial goals. This evaluation is essential for recognizing achievements and identifying opportunities for growth.

Business Obligations:

The business should participate in the post-project analysis, provide feedback, and take part in outlining steps for any subsequent projects based on the insights gained.

BJK Obligations:

B.J. Kadrmas Inc. conducts the evaluation, documenting lessons learned and advising on strategies for future improvements. We ensure that the project’s completion aligns with the client’s strategic business goals and our mutual standards for success.

Meet our Team

For more than four decades, B. J. Kadrmas, Inc. has prided itself on producing top-rate work at a fair price. Our highly skilled and tenured staff understands the necessity of confidentiality and ethics; we refrain from conflicts of interest among our clients’ prospect areas, and we strictly adhere to a code of professional conduct.



Do you utilize local landmen on your projects?

Yes, at BJK Inc., we utilize local landmen and Right-of-Way Agents on our clients’ projects due to the value of being local. Local Title Agents are familiar with the local courthouses and various Recorder’s Offices, and they understand the laws and State Statutes that govern Title Standards. Local Right-of-Way Agents or Oil and Gas Lease Buyers are key in understanding what’s important to surface owners and/or mineral owners when negotiating a surface site easement, pipeline easement, and/or oil and gas lease. Utilizing local talent fosters trust and familiarity with the area’s rules and regulations. By employing local landmen and Right-of-Way Agents, BJK Inc. saves clients time and money, leveraging local knowledge to minimize travel and per diem costs, thus keeping project costs lower.

How does BJK Inc. support oil and gas companies in their operations?

BJK Inc. provides comprehensive services to oil and gas companies, including project management, understanding mineral rights, title research and reports, lease acquisition, and drilling and division order curative. Our expertise ensures smooth coordination and research, particularly in sectors like oil well acquisitions.

What services do you offer to pipeline and midstream companies?

For pipeline and midstream companies, we offer route feasibility research, acquisitions and lease negotiations, coaching and mapping, and planning and zoning management. Our services facilitate the acquisition of easements for pipelines and ensure the most effective and efficient routes for energy transportation.

Can BJK Inc. assist telecommunication companies with their land service needs?

Yes, BJK Inc. extends its services to telecommunication companies, providing essential land services such as detailed mapping systems using advanced software, aiding in complex planning and zoning processes, and offering support in lease negotiations and acquisitions.

How does BJK Inc. cater to the needs of government agencies like the North Dakota Department of Transportation?

BJK Inc. collaborates with government agencies like the North Dakota Department of Transportation, offering specialized services in project management, title research, right-of-way acquisitions, and more, tailored to the unique requirements of government projects. Our experience with large-scale projects, like the expansion of Highway 1804 East of Williston, North Dakota, showcases our capability in this sector.

Trusted By

"BJK, Inc. is crucial to our management of mineral interests.  No matter how knowledgeable and experienced our staff is, BJK, Inc.’s specialized expertise, their industry contacts, and their knowledge of what is happening in the market at all times, enables us to provide proper management of these assets no matter how complex the situation may be.  From consulting on leasing and division orders, to valuations, to determining ownership, they understand what our fiduciary responsibilities are and have always been able to provide us what we needed, when we needed it."

Val Mack, CTFA, Sr. Trust Officer Dakota Community Wealth Management

“I’ve worked closely with BJK, Inc.’s Right-of-Way and Title Agents for over a decade.  I have always found them to be dedicated, engaged and capable of tackling the task at hand.”

Guy Aman, Construction Superintendent Continental Resources, Inc.

“The team at BJ Kadrmas are professional and easy to work with. The quality of work they produce, timely responsiveness and expertise in Montana and North Dakota, helps me as a landman guide my team on projects. They are my go-to land team for my projects in the North.”

Amanda Barringer, Landman Scout Energy Partners

“When working with Matthew and his team at BJK, Inc., their level of professionalism and precise attention to detail is second to none!”

Scott Meschke, President Dickinson Kirkwood Bank & Trust

“Working with B.J. Kadrmas, Inc. has been a consistently positive experience for Topographic. Their commitment to clear communication and meticulous attention to detail sets them apart. We appreciate their professionalism and dedication, making every collaboration seamless and successful.”

Scott Roach, Project Manager II Topographic

“BJK, Inc. is exactly what a land services company should be. Prompt, professional, and accurate. As a lawyer, BJK, Inc. provides excellent results for my clients, which my clients appreciate and makes my work all the easier. If you work with them once, you’ll want to do so again and again”.

Jennifer Grosz, Lawyer Cooperative Legal Services PLLC

“For more than ten years, B.J. Kadrmas, Inc. has provided professional services that have been invaluable in maintaining our family’s mineral interests. During that time, B.J. Kadrmas, Inc. prepared abstracts of title when it was required; represented our interests when curative work was needed to clarify the ownership of mineral acres; handled leasing issues that arose; handled the recording of conveyances during probate and trust work; handled the interactions with operators to ensure that the interests were accurate and the royalties were properly computed; conducted appraisals; and provided other services related to the mineral interests. B.J. Kadrmas, Inc.’s work was exceptional, and its staff was experienced, knowledgeable, professional, and ethical. Retaining B.J. Kadrmas, Inc. for this work was the best decision we made to represent our interests and handle the numerous issues associated with mineral ownership.”

Mark, Mineral Owner North Dakota

“B.J. Kadrmas has done an exceptional job on difficult leasing projects to bring leases to signatures.  They have detailed staff that can handle the difficult projects and deliver results.”

Waldo Ackerman, President & CEO Murex Petroleum Corporation