Leaders in Mineral and Land Services since 1981

Our core mission is to foster America’s energy independence with a steadfast dedication to ethical, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious energy services. For over four decades, we have built a reputation not just on the quality of our work, but on the integrity and collaborative spirit that underpins every project. Our team, deeply rooted in Midwestern values, embodies a culture of honesty, respect, and accountability, ensuring that we consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and partners in the energy industry.

The service portfolio of BJK Inc. has evolved alongside the dynamic landscape of the energy sector, adapting to encompass a broad spectrum of needs from traditional oil and gas to cutting-edge renewable energies like wind and carbon capture. Thus, we can navigate the complexities of land and mineral ownership, drive project success, and build lasting relationships based on trust and excellence.

Company History


Beverly J. Kadrmas founded B.J. Kadrmas Inc. as B & J Minerals Co.


The firm underwent a rebranding and was renamed to BJ Kadrmas Inc., setting a new course under this identity.


The company evolved into its current form as a corporation, expanding its reach and service offerings.


B.J. Kadrmas Inc. was featured in Drill Magazine and highlighted in the NALTA publication. Matthew R. Kostelecky was named to Prairie Business Magazine’s prestigious 40 under 40 for his significant professional impact within the Land Services industry.


The company partnered with the North Dakota Department of Transportation on a notable infrastructure project, expanding Highway 1804 East of Williston, North Dakota.


Services expanded into Wyoming, enhancing the company's geographic footprint, although no physical office was established there.


Further expansion into Oklahoma marked the company's continual growth in the energy sector.


Ownership of the company changed hands from its founder, Beverly J. Kadrmas to the company’s Vice President, Matthew R. Kostelecky.


B.J. Kadrmas Inc. acquired new office space in Dickinson, solidifying its presence and commitment to future growth.

Our Team

Our team is the backbone of our operations, each member bringing a wealth of experience and a commitment to ethical service that sets us apart in the energy sector. Together, we navigate the complexities of land and mineral services with precision and care, driving forward projects that fuel America’s energy future. We are proud to introduce the dynamic individuals whose collaboration and dedication embody our legacy of quality and integrity.

Matthew R. Kostelecky


Tammy Dvorak

Vice President

Lisa Kostelecky


Aaron Trauger

Mineral Manager

Brenda Berg

Right-of-Way Manager

Michael Theesen

Title Manager
Bridging Borders with Premier Land Services

In the vast and varied terrains of Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and North Dakota, B.J. Kadrmas Inc. stands as a pillar of energy land services, deeply rooted in the ethos of progress and integrity and committed to progress and energy independence. Utilizing expert subcontractors, the company expertly manages the complexities of mineral and surface estates. Focused on excellence and environmental responsibility, B.J. Kadrmas Inc.'s work in these states is a testament to a steadfast mission for a sustainable energy future.


B.J. Kadrmas Inc. strictly adheres to AAPL’s Code of Ethics and is honored to be a member of AAPL, LAND, MAPL, WAPL, API, IRWA, NARO, NDPC, and the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce. We are committed to active participation not only within the broader energy sector but also within our local community.

  • American Association of Professional Landmen
  • Landmans Association of North Dakota
  • Montana Association of Professional Landmen
  • Wyoming Association of Professional Landmen
  • American Petroleum Institute
  • International Right of Way Association
  • National Association of Royalty Owners
  • North Dakota Petroleum Council
  • Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce


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