Comprehensive examination of historical records to determine rightful ownership and clear titles.

In-depth Examination of Property Histories

At B.J. Kadrmas Inc., our title research process begins with an in-depth discussion with the client to understand the specific scope of work and the timeline for the project area. This initial stage is crucial in setting clear expectations and aligning our research objectives with the client’s needs. We then proceed to hire or contract with experienced Independent Contractors, known as Landmen, who specialize in conducting this meticulous research.

Specialized Team of Landmen

Our Landmen are experts in navigating the complex web of property records, deeds, and historical documentation. They are trained to dig deep into courthouse records, going back to the original patents issued by the U.S. government. This level of detailed investigation is critical in unveiling the complete ownership history of the property, which is vital for ensuring clarity and accuracy in any subsequent transactions or developments.

Routine Updates and Communication

We believe in keeping our clients informed every step of the way. Throughout the title research process, we provide routine project status updates. These updates can take various forms, such as daily emails, weekly conference calls, Microsoft Teams meetings, and regular phone calls. This consistent communication ensures that our clients are always aware of the progress and can provide input or address any concerns promptly‚Äč.

Review and Approval of Work

Once the title research is completed, it undergoes a thorough review by a project manager. This step is essential to ensure that the work meets our high standards of accuracy and comprehensiveness. The project manager’s expertise plays a crucial role in verifying that all aspects of the title research have been conducted thoroughly and that the findings are reliable.

Detailed Reporting

After the project manager’s review and approval, the findings of the title research are compiled into comprehensive reports. These reports, which include Mineral and Leasehold Reports or Surface Ownership Reports, provide a detailed account of the property’s title status. Due to the comprehensive nature of these reports, they are often extensive and are transmitted to the client either via email or through file-sharing platforms like Dropbox for ease of access and review.

Ensuring Clarity in Property Transactions

The outcome of our title research is not just a report; it’s a tool that provides our clients with the necessary clarity and confidence to proceed with their projects or transactions. Whether it’s for development, acquisition, or leasing purposes, our title research ensures that our clients have a clear understanding of the property lineage and ownership status, which is crucial in the complex landscape of property rights and real estate transactions.

Our approach to title research at B.J. Kadrmas Inc. is rooted in a deep commitment to accuracy, thoroughness, and client communication. We understand the critical importance of clear and undisputed property titles in the energy sector and are dedicated to providing our clients with the most reliable and comprehensive title research services available.