Serving the Williston Basin for more than 30 years, B. J. Kadrmas, Inc. took root during a rampant oil boom in North Dakota in the early 1980’s and continues to maintain a strong, trusted presence throughout the industry.  In 1981, North Dakota natives B. J. Kadrmas and Joyce Basic formed B. & J. Minerals Co.  The firm evolved in the mid-1980’s to become B. J. Kadrmas Oil Co., a sole proprietorship owned by B. J. Kadrmas.  In 1996, B. J. Kadrmas, Inc. was formed as a North Dakota corporation, with B. J. Kadrmas as the sole shareholder and the firm’s current president.  In 2011, the firm’s Vice President, Matthew R. Kostelecky, became a co-owner.